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“The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” – Henry Ward Beecher


Hi Welcome to Ego Death Dolls.

The home of my business surrounding all things beauty and yet to come. I aim here to reimagine concepts surrounding the idea of Beauty and to push the envelope whenever we can. The pursuit of beauty has always been seen as a virtuous thing throughout history.

The name is a combination of two of some of my favorite things: ego death and dolls.

It’s supposed to be kinda ironic though.. as modern beauty standards have us embracing the ego through obsession of material image. Can one function under this modern paradigm while maintaining the essence and truth of the ego-less and eternal kind of beauty??

I hope that this world can function as a place to explore that~


Right now I am offering tarot readings and aura readings, but soon will be offering in-person nail services as well as press-on nails. Stay tuned!!