Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources ListHi everyone! Today I am presenting a Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List. I’m currently in the process of getting a bunch of Lush posts up, but I want to create this post to reference in all of my Lush-related posts. I’ve been a Lushie for awhile, and love keeping up with the Lush community. I also wanted to make my own effort at “archiving” references to some of my favorite Lush blogs!

Are you an online content creator who posts Lush content and would like to be added to this list? Feel free to use the contact form to submit a request to have your link featured. The only requirements are that you are active and post Lush-related content like unboxings and reviews.  Likewise, if you see yourself on this list and wish to be removed, you can use the contact form for that as well. If you become inactive, you will be added to the “inactive” list.

Last Updated: 10/16/2023


Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Active Lush Blogs List

Lush Upon A Time 

Jamie Sowden

Lush A Lot – Lush Encyclopedia

Musingsofamuse – Not exclusively a Lush blog, but she has been covering all of the Lush ranges as they come out for a while, as well as reviewing products. This is linked to her tagged Lush posts.

Ego Death Dolls


Inactive Lush Blogs List

AllThingsLushUK – Iconic Lush archive blog by Jen

Amber Does Lush 

Oh My Lush

My Lush and Stuff

Lush Cosmetics UK Tumblr



Victoria Canavan


Active Youtube

Official Lush Archive

Nicholushie – Lush Reviews & Unboxings

xSlayer Rose

Meandmy Tea

Lush Lover Life


Lush Community:

Official Lush Discord

Lush Cosmetics Reddit

Lush Cosmetics Reddit Discord

Lush.Scents (spoilers & previews of new Lush Products)

Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List (This page)


Official Lush Sites

LushUSA – For purchasing in the states

Lush Usa Kitchen Subscription – This is now a separate site from the regular Lush Usa, you will have to log in here to access or sign up for a Lush Kitchen Subscription.

LushUK – Some people from the US like to order from Lush UK to get exclusives. Back in the day, some people (myself included) would order from the Lush UK site to get items for cheaper. I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

Official Lush Youtube


Ego Death Dolls

All Lush Posts

Lush Kitchen Boxes

Bath Bomb Reviews

Lush Reviews List


Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Sozai now Live

My Sozai Stash is up here. Can be found under “About”. I’m working on it heavily. Its both supposed to be a collection of resources for finding, collecting, and sourcing sozai/pixel art, as well as my own personal collection that I use on this site. It’s part of my own efforts to help preserve the old internet. There are these amazing sites that get lost in time that I want to remember, and I’m so happy that after about a decade being out of the pixel scene there is still a community of people who are looking to recreate, restore, and keep alive some old traditions us weirdos had making websites earlier on! The current designscape can be bleak and hyper corporate noveau, I need me some character!!! I’m sure a lot of people are fed up with boring ass Facebook and its counterparts, which is why it’s my personal prediction that people will be encouraged to share, with vibrant curiosity again, through the art of silly websites~~