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Lush Ice Blue Soap

Lush Ice Blue Soap Review

My first ever “signature scent” was the ever-androgynous Dirty from Lush. This was back when I was identifying as transmasculine

Lush Kitchen Box October 2023 Review: Pirates Theme!

Hi all~ I’m very excited about today’s post! I was not expecting how novel I would find the Lush Kitchen

Lush Kitchen Box November 2023 Spoilers: Inventor Box

Hi Everyone~ I am preparing my October posts and trying to get ahead for the Lush Kitchen Box November 2023

Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Hi everyone! Today I am presenting a Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List. I’m currently in the process of getting

September 2023 Empties

Ngl i’m starting to find my obsession with documenting my trash weird too, don’t worry.. However despite the extra effort

Barbie x Lush Collab Collection 2023

Hi y’all, it’s been a lil quiet here lately and I will admit my posts aren’t that engaging rn lmao.