Lush Kitchen Box October 2023 Review: Pirates Theme!

Hi all~ I’m very excited about today’s post! I was not expecting how novel I would find the Lush Kitchen Box October 2023. Everyone always anticipates the Lush kitchen box to be extra special for their two biggest holidays (Halloween and Christmas), so much so that a lot of people prefer to only sign up for the subscription service for that month. This year Lush went for a pirate theme, featuring many earthy, dank, fruity, and spicy scents. It was personally a hit for me as I love earthy scents and when Lush goes more experimental.


Leftovers from last month’s box:

The packaging and turn-around for this month was better than last. They had failed to include one of the items from the September box, so it was delivered with the October box. The October box came in this bigger box which had September’s item on top in some packaging peanuts:

As a consolation, they included the Give Me Body soap which is also part of the Glitterbox collab.

The outside of the box was cute! I love Halloweeny things like skulls. The color palette leans masculine.

The cutest item from this box, I fell in love with the Pumpkin Patch Bath Bomb which is a new bath bomb.

It came with a knot wrap made from recycled materials that I don’t really care for. You can see the stitching in the pics. The quality is not that great, including the quality of the print. I would have preferred a notebook like the last kitchen box from October.

Some of the featured ingredients from this box were Sicilian red mandarin oil, patchouli, and petitgrain. Also lots of sandalwood. Petitgrain was a theme in the last box, so people speculated Lush got a bunch at a discounted rate lol.

Redbeard Shower Gel is a new shower gel featuring the Flame Flame scent from the One Piece collab. This scent has never been turned into a shower gel yet!

The texture of the Scrub Scrub Scrub Body Scrub from this box, I’m obsessed! It’s Junk scented and smells primarily of blackcurrant with medicinal, herbal notes like rosemary and pine.


  • Bath bombs are fresh and good quality
  • I love the pirate theme
  • I love it when Lush experiments with earthy and different scents
  • Got to different scent families I haven’t tried from Lush yet
  • New products to this box
  • Well rounded box, perfect companion for a full shower or bathing experience
  • This box makes a great companion for getting smooth skin during and after a full body shave


  • Scents can take a while to warm up to, some may not ever like these scents
  • 1/3 Lush Kitchen Boxes I have received have been a miss so far (The September 2023 Box)
  • Some people are tired of getting things Smuggler’s Soul scent in the box
  • Redbeard shower gel smells heavily of fenugreek which most people might not like

I really loved this box! It made up for September’s and has me looking forward to the boxes we’ll get for the rest of the year. What scents are you excited to try and experiment with during the colder months? I love autumn, it feels like returning home.

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