Lush Kitchen Box Spoilers: August 2023

I recently got back into Lush since I’m taking my bathing and showering experience more seriously again. That has evolved into me now keeping track of new Lush releases and the Kitchen Box! Here are the spoilers for the upcoming August Kitchen box that will be sent:

Ice Blue Soap

Melomint Bubble Bar

World Piece Bath Bomb

Freeze Shower Gel (medium sized bottle)

Surprise Item: Dirty Body Scrub

Seems like a lot of people were disappointed with how mint-forward this box is. Personally, Lush’s Dirty scent is what first got me really into them, so I’m kinda excited! I think it’s refreshing that they would come out with a minty box during peak hot season. I also think these minty scents will be great for regifting as they are rather androgynous.


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