Lush Kitchen Box November 2023 Spoilers: Inventor Box

Hi Everyone~ I am preparing my October posts and trying to get ahead for the Lush Kitchen Box November 2023 box, but had to dig for information on this one since I didn’t save anything as I came across it. Lush decided to do something different with this box. There was no voting this month, instead, they are having an “Inventor Box” where Lush product creators Ro & Gary feature new products they’ve created which Kitchen subscribers can then vote to keep to be released in Lush’s main range. So some of these items are potentially not entirely “kitchen exclusive”.

Items in the Lush Kitchen Box November 2023:

Lush Oat Milk Latte Scrub Bar – Featuring oat milk powder, espresso absolute, and shea butter. It’s both scrubby and moisturizing

Lush Passionfruit Shower Gel – Lush’s first scrubby shower gel featuring passion fruit seeds that give a nice exfoliation.

Lush Tropical Co-Mingle Body Scrub – A tropical fruit version of Lush’s 3-in-1 body scrub, Co-Mingle. Original Co-Mingle has a soothing lavender scent.

Lush Espresso Lip Scrub – Features some of the same espresso absolute that the oat milk latte scrub includes.

Lush Peachy Ro’se Body Lotion– The first time this Lush Fragrance is available in body lotion form.

It’s a very scrubby box which I’m excited about as I’ve been enjoying Lush’s scrubs lately. I am especially excited about the Oat Milk Latte scrub and the tropical co-mingle as I love the idea of using them before shaving, cause not only will they help to scrub away dead skin in preparation for shaving, but also provide some slip to help your razor glide.

A tropical fruity box for November seems out of place, but I can kind of see this having a fall vibe with the espresso. Similar to the last October 2023 Kitchen Box, I feel this box will provide a full bathing experience, with scrubs, a shower gel, and a moisturizer. Everything you need for soft, yummy scented skin!

To get people hyped on the box, they shared this preview of the products explaining some of the ingredients. I love these videos cause they get me in the mood to make my own scrubs!


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