Lush Ice Blue Soap Review

Lush Ice Blue Soap

My first ever “signature scent” was the ever-androgynous Dirty from Lush. This was back when I was identifying as transmasculine and didn’t want to be perceived as femme. These days I’m more outwardly femme but I still love spearmint and minty scents. They are super refreshing and I love that they are well-received by most ppl anywhere on the gender spectrum.

When the Lush Kitchen Box August 2023 was all minty scented, I was excited, and as someone who doesn’t currently have access to a bathtub, I was doubly excited for some soap.

The Lush Ice Blue Soap is a discontinued soap that’s been brought back just for the August 2023 kitchen box. You used to be able to buy them in-store as part of their main line available year-round:

Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

This was back in the days when you could request a specific size of soap cut from a large block/circle in store., I think it was around the 2020 pandemic that they stopped offering this option which is unfortunate, it helped give Lush that market and handmade feel they go for. Just furthers the change of Lush becoming a giant corporate conglomerate.

My Lush Ice Blue Soap Review

I thought that I had never used this soap before, but using it, I think I had a slice in the distant past… It evoked memories from being a teenager getting into Lush as it has that classic Lush soapy-ness which I can only describe as a mix of citrus and herbaceousness. For some reason, the quality of the in-store items now doesn’t seem to match what I get in kitchen boxes. The soaps they have now are disappointing as I don’t really care for the scents outside of the citrusy ones. Lush struggles with making sweet scents too sweet, so the more clean and herbal scents are safer options.

It looks cool in the shower, my BF loves using it. It holds up well on its own. It doesn’t have an intense lather, but I kind of prefer that.

I really love the way this soap looks, the color looks great, especially under alternative lighting:

There are some dupes of the scent on Etsy, but I haven’t seen any that quite captures the cool electric blue-ness of this soap!


  • Beautiful androgynous minty, herbacious scent.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Ethically Sourced Mint and Menthol
  • Looks cool under purple light/blue light/ alternative color lighting


  • Discontinued from the main Lush line, only available as an off-chance kitchen exclusive
  • Lush’s regular line of soaps don’t impress me
  • Too drying for skin prone to dermatitis, and eczema. Made my partner’s dermatitis flare-up


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