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The blogs in this section are all active. These are a list of blogs I like to visit that are posting regularly! Always exciting to see what other people are posting about ~

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Last updated: July 7th, 2023


Doll Divine

Lizzie in Lace

Allie NYC

This Blonde’s Shopping Bag

Curated by Jennifer



Zoey Olivia

Wendy’s Lookbook


Hand Luggage Only

Critiques of a Critic

Christina Hello
Daisy Butter

In the Frow

Love Rosiee

R’s Rue

The Style Fanatic

Bikini’s and Martini’s

Couture Carrie Loves 

Couture Carrie 

Jacquard Flower

The Blog Social 

Jasmine Talks Beauty

Katherine Eldridge

Lara Louise Beauty

Away From the Blue

The Reluctant Blogger

Is this Mutton

Style Splash

Hello Katie 

Your Trueself Blog

My Slices of Life

To Sparkle Punch 

Amy’s Fashion Blog

Melody Jacob

Click by Style

Melissa Kacar

Lip Gloss and Lace

Pimenta Deacucar

Curly Crafty Mom 


Tales of Belle

Across the Great Planes

Love Laughter and Luggage

Jame Ad Stories 

Bournemouth girl

Crystal Laura Gaze

Jenny in Neverland 

The Age of Grace

Marsha in the Middle


I Do Declaire

Mummy Conquering Anxiety

Nyxie’s Homepage

Express Yourself by Paola Lauretano 

Funky Forty


Doused in Pink 

Couture Case

Jodie’s Touch of Style

Chezmireille Fashion Travel Mom

Fashion Tale’s Blog

S Fashion Avenue 

Fashion Radi 


JLee Kbeauty – Reviews Korean Olens lenses

Geekyposh – Kbeauty, skincare, beauty , sunscreens

Doctor Anne


Hello Lizzie Bee – One of my fave western gyaru blogs that has been around forever !!

Georgie Piyo – Another iconic western gyaru blog that is active


These are blogs I like that have become inactive, blogs from the active list get moved here when they haven’t posted in a few months:

  • A River Lily – this blog has a great, clean design.
  • Beauty and the Cat – has some nail polish reviews I like.
  • Hey I’m With The Band
  • Lifestyle Prism
  • Spygirl amb 
  • Not Jess Fashion


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