Lush Kitchen Box October 2023 Review: Pirates Theme!

Hi all~ I’m very excited about today’s post! I was not expecting how novel I would find the Lush Kitchen Box October 2023. Everyone always anticipates the Lush kitchen box to be extra special for their two biggest holidays (Halloween and Christmas), so much so that a lot of people prefer to only sign up for the subscription service for that month. This year Lush went for a pirate theme, featuring many earthy, dank, fruity, and spicy scents. It was personally a hit for me as I love earthy scents and when Lush goes more experimental.


Leftovers from last month’s box:

The packaging and turn-around for this month was better than last. They had failed to include one of the items from the September box, so it was delivered with the October box. The October box came in this bigger box which had September’s item on top in some packaging peanuts:

As a consolation, they included the Give Me Body soap which is also part of the Glitterbox collab.

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Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources ListHi everyone! Today I am presenting a Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List. I’m currently in the process of getting a bunch of Lush posts up, but I want to create this post to reference in all of my Lush-related posts. I’ve been a Lushie for awhile, and love keeping up with the Lush community. I also wanted to make my own effort at “archiving” references to some of my favorite Lush blogs!

Are you an online content creator who posts Lush content and would like to be added to this list? Feel free to use the contact form to submit a request to have your link featured. The only requirements are that you are active and post Lush-related content like unboxings and reviews.  Likewise, if you see yourself on this list and wish to be removed, you can use the contact form for that as well. If you become inactive, you will be added to the “inactive” list.

Last Updated: 10/16/2023


Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Active Lush Blogs List

Lush Upon A Time 

Jamie Sowden

Lush A Lot – Lush Encyclopedia

Musingsofamuse – Not exclusively a Lush blog, but she has been covering all of the Lush ranges as they come out for a while, as well as reviewing products. This is linked to her tagged Lush posts.

Ego Death Dolls


Inactive Lush Blogs List

AllThingsLushUK – Iconic Lush archive blog by Jen

Amber Does Lush 

Oh My Lush

My Lush and Stuff

Lush Cosmetics UK Tumblr



Victoria Canavan


Active Youtube

Official Lush Archive

Nicholushie – Lush Reviews & Unboxings

xSlayer Rose

Meandmy Tea

Lush Lover Life


Lush Community:

Official Lush Discord

Lush Cosmetics Reddit

Lush Cosmetics Reddit Discord

Lush.Scents (spoilers & previews of new Lush Products)

Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List (This page)


Official Lush Sites

LushUSA – For purchasing in the states

Lush Usa Kitchen Subscription – This is now a separate site from the regular Lush Usa, you will have to log in here to access or sign up for a Lush Kitchen Subscription.

LushUK – Some people from the US like to order from Lush UK to get exclusives. Back in the day, some people (myself included) would order from the Lush UK site to get items for cheaper. I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

Official Lush Youtube


Ego Death Dolls

All Lush Posts

Lush Kitchen Boxes

Bath Bomb Reviews

Lush Reviews List


Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List

Barbie x Lush Collab Collection 2023

Hi y’all, it’s been a lil quiet here lately and I will admit my posts aren’t that engaging rn lmao. I’ve just been getting up some random stuff as I build the site.

Lush just launched a collab with Barbie today, Barbie x Lush, and I’ll admit it’s kind of disappointing. I’m kind of sick of all the pink at this point and I say this as a pink lover. Sometimes, pink doesn’t look good and I feel like this collab reflects that… any sort of collaboration right now, especially with Barbie, feels like a cash grab.

That being said, they have released a new scent with this series i’d be curious to smell in person. You can pre-order the products on their app now, some being region locked.

All pics & info curtesy of Lush.scents on Instagram whom you should be following if you are a big Lush fan!

Click here to view through all Lush related posts on Ego Death Dolls.

I have some more planned so stay tuned. Is there anything from the Barbie x Lush collab that you’re interested in?

I have way too much perfume and body care products, soaps, etc, to justify getting something, and I find the pinks used lowkey aborrhent.

Lush Kitchen Box August 2023 Review

Hi again, I’m back with yet another Lush post xD. I mentioned the spoilers a while ago, and now it’s here: my Lush Kitchen Box August 2023! This is my first month ever getting the Lush Kitchen Box since it launched in the U.S. I remember ordering from the Lush Kitchen back when it was a UK exclusive. I am enjoying bathing again as I relaunch myself into shared public spaces.

A lot of people were reporting they received theirs damaged and coming in late, they should arrive around the 5th of each month. How it was stupid of Lush to ship a packaging-less. They make a big deal that the kitchen box be as plastic-free and naked as possible, but often to the detriment of loyal fans who get their orders, all melted into a sticky mess.

I was lucky to get mine in one piece, and it’s honestly gorgeous! It has made my room smell so minty and like a Lush store.

I myself am pretty happy with the selection of products since I know it’s all stuff I can use up.

I think the colors in this box go so well together! All the naked products look good together too. I love minty scents so I loved everything in this box.


What came in the Lush Kitchen Box August 2023?


Lush Melomint Bubble Bar. Don’t really care for bubble bars, but they do help make the bath nice and silky.

Lush Ice Blue Soap

Lush Ice Blue Soap. This was drying like all other Lush soaps I’ve used. It lasted well, though.


World Piece Bath Bomb, so cute <3



  • I love all the blues and greens
  • I’m a fan of minty scents so this box was a hit for me
  • Makes your room/house smell amazing



  • Don’t really care for bubble bars
  • Those without a bathtub won’t be able to use some of these items.
  • Performance on the bath bomb was kind of weak


Lush Community

 Official Lush Discord

 Lush Cosmetics Reddit

 Lush Cosmetics Reddit Discord

 Lush.Scents (spoilers & previews of new Lush Products)

 Lush Cosmetics Blogs and Resources List 

More Lush Posts on Ego Death Dolls

 All Lush Posts

 Lush Kitchen Boxes

 Bath Bomb Reviews

 Lush Reviews List 

Lush Kitchen Box Spoilers: August 2023

I recently got back into Lush since I’m taking my bathing and showering experience more seriously again. That has evolved into me now keeping track of new Lush releases and the Kitchen Box! Here are the spoilers for the upcoming August Kitchen box that will be sent:

Ice Blue Soap

Melomint Bubble Bar

World Piece Bath Bomb

Freeze Shower Gel (medium sized bottle)

Surprise Item: Dirty Body Scrub

Seems like a lot of people were disappointed with how mint-forward this box is. Personally, Lush’s Dirty scent is what first got me really into them, so I’m kinda excited! I think it’s refreshing that they would come out with a minty box during peak hot season. I also think these minty scents will be great for regifting as they are rather androgynous.


Lush.sents on Instagram