Sozai now Live

My Sozai Stash is up here. Can be found under “About”. I’m working on it heavily. Its both supposed to be a collection of resources for finding, collecting, and sourcing sozai/pixel art, as well as my own personal collection that I use on this site. It’s part of my own efforts to help preserve the old internet. There are these amazing sites that get lost in time that I want to remember, and I’m so happy that after about a decade being out of the pixel scene there is still a community of people who are looking to recreate, restore, and keep alive some old traditions us weirdos had making websites earlier on! The current designscape can be bleak and hyper corporate noveau, I need me some character!!! I’m sure a lot of people are fed up with boring ass Facebook and its counterparts, which is why it’s my personal prediction that people will be encouraged to share, with vibrant curiosity again, through the art of silly websites~~